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Eel Master for Yamada Suizan

Eel Master for Yamada Suizan

Client Yamada Suizan

Date 2019

Scope of work Document

Yamada Suizan approached us to create a full production documentary to tell the story of the first company in Japan to ever succeed in a purely organic and non-chemical unagi eel farming method. Working closely with the farmers, we filmed around the clock documenting their whole production process.

This video production was accomplished with only a 3-man team. We flew the team over to the farm and production site where Yamada-san farms organic eel. The reason he was eager to work with TOFU Media Japan was for our western style. His business goals at the time were to boost overseas exports of his organic eels to wholesalers abroad in western countries. We helped ramp up his sales efforts by creating a full-length documentary his company used for a content marketing strategy. This video was served to tell his story, but also show the world a comprehensive view into his business processes and was done through creative content story-telling. 

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