Chernobyl - Tofu Media


Client Patronite

Date 2019

Scope of work Content video

Unique, 4-episode series about Chernobyl which echoed across the media.

In Chernobyl there are many places inaccessible for the visitors/tourists. Instead of trying to tell their story, Krzysztof shared the experience of being there with the audience. Plastic shots of post apocalyptic shapes and spaces are truly breathtaking.

Krzysztof’s authorial narrative, views from the drone of the extinct city and the substantive threads of Dawid Myśliwiec meant that the media wrote about a series of films. Paweł Mielczarek organised the expedition, Dawid Myśliwiec was responsible for the meritorical consultation (Uwaga! Naukowy Bełkot) and the post production was made by the TOFU Media team.

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