ANA Global - Tofu Media
ANA Global

ANA Global

Client ANA Global

Date 2019

Scope of work Commercial advertisement

ANA (All Nippon Airways) was looking to promote it’s excellent 5-Star level of service and gratitude by tying it with Japanese culture. In collaboration with an American media company, GroupSJR and TOFU Media produced this commercial for All Nippon Airways, which featured Steve Aoki.

The airline wanted to display their service level in a deeper meaning, the true “おもてなし” or Omotenashi way. TOFU Media Japan was in charge of coordinating locations, casting talent and crew, and handling equipment as well as food design. Some of the unique challenges of this shoot included shooting the airplane shots overnight at the Narita Airport. This is just one example of the many reasons you should consider hiring a local fixer at TOFU Media when shooting a commercial advertisement in Tokyo or other regions of Japan. 

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