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Content marketing to increase brand awareness!

Content marketing to increase brand awareness!

We are influencers, we are creative. We can kick start or work with your content marketing strategy that will  build awareness around your brand. Let’s think outside of the box and form creative campaigns that are in line with your company’s brand and message so that you acquire new customers and get the results you need. Online or digital user acquisition all starts with a solid content marketing plan.

Successful content marketing strategies

Our success on YouTube is a direct result of content marketing done right. We extend these skills to develop content marketing strategies for companies wishing to sell or promote their brand in Japan or overseas. We do a good job at translating your products and services into cool stories that disrupt the marketplace.

Our content marketing services include viral videos, social media management and consulting, digital marketing, offline marketing, PR, events, and more. Being successful YouTubers, we can also offer our clients a very wide network of influencers from all over the world with diverse demographics promote campaigns and brand awareness for your company. This is something many other video production companies can not offer. 

Do you have a content marketing strategy?

Do you need help growing your Facebook and Instagram accounts or other social media channels?

Do you need to outsource content and management of your brand YouTube channel?

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