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BIZZEY “Insta”

BIZZEY “Insta”


Date 2019

Scope of work Music Video

BIZZEY is an popular indie pop/rap artist from Amsterdam. As he continues to sell thousands of live concert tickets, his music videos continue to gain millions of views.

After planning on visiting Tokyo to create a music video for his hit song “Insta,” we worked with Framez Production by handling the locations, talent management, and all other logistical tasks to assure a smooth video shoot. We sought out various businesses and contacts so BIZZEY’s vision to present the illuminations around Tokyo at night could be achieved. Getting locations and filming permissions approved in Tokyo allowed their DOPs and director Bruno Rozet to successfully film a music video that made 1.5 million views. Shooting a music video in Tokyo can be fun, but it can be complicated. Let TOFU Media fixers help you with your music video in Tokyo or other regions of Japan and Asia.

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