About us - Tofu Media

A digital and TV video production company based in Warsaw lead by two successful Youtubers.

We are content creators that produce videos for overseas companies.

We are specialists in creating viral music videos, but we also feel comfortable creating moving movies for business. We create:

  • immersive stories to the internet
  • video that increases brand recognition and helps build product awareness
  • educational materials, references, films promoting the client’s brand
  • creative events combining art, music, technology and the internet
  • marketing strategies
  • online campaigns based on content tailored to customer needs, budgets and distribution channels

Succeeding on Youtube has lead our team in translating products and services into cool videos that tell an interesting story about your company’s brand, products, and services. Our dedication to creating strategic commercials and advertisements for our clients has driven positive returns on investment and we do it with natural creativity. 

Our team

Krzysztof Gonciarz

CEO TOFU Media Polska

Director, cinematographer, editor and video producer with a rich portfolio of films, blogs and work in social media. He has produced over 2,000 movies, setting new quality standards on Polish Youtube. It reaches over 1,500,000 subscribers. Author of books and the most popular exhibition in the history of the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology – “Tokyo 24”, which was seen by over 36,000 people.

Kasia Mecinski

CO-founder TOFU Media Polska
CEO TOFU Media Japan

She gained business experience in the USA, Brazil and Japan, where she worked in marketing and advertising for many years. The author of the Youtube channel “Fifty na Pół” multicultural topics, which can already boast over 16 million views.

Iza Bitowt

COO TOFU Media Polska

Konrad Śniady

Creative Director

Szymon Adam

Manager & Executive Producer

Izabela Wojciechowska

Production & Publishing Manager

Wojtek Warzywoda

Animator & Motion design

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